Here are just some of the military benefits that you are eligible to receive, once you are married:

Health Insurance: Medical, dental and vision benefits (for you and any children you may have. Includes stepchildren who are not adopted).

Family Separation Allowance:  $250 per month. When separated from dependents due to military orders.

Basic Allowance for Housing: Married servicemembers can live on base for free, or off base with allowance.

Larger Living Arrangements: If you’re both on base, and in the military, you will be given larger housing.proxy marriage military benefits

Family Employment Readiness Program: The program helps spouses with career and job advancement.

Unemployment Compensation for “Trailing” Military Spouses: 28 states now provide unemployment for spouses that leave their jobs due to military moves.

Military Flights: Space-A Travel: If space is available on military flights, you can possibly get a seat at little or no cost.

The Exchange: A department store with no taxes, and prices are approximately 20% lower than typical stores.

The Commissary: A tax-free grocery store where you can save 30% or more year.

VA Home Loans: Many different people may qualify for VA loans, including spouses of military members.

Free Legal Assistance: Through the JAG Corps.

Subsidized Childcare

Relocation Assistance Program

Low-Cost Counseling: Marriage, personal, children, through MilitaryOneSource

Dislocation Allowance: Based on several items, including if spouse and dependents are involved.

Traveling Per Diem: If you have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS Move), reimbursement for all family members for days spent traveling to new location.

Movement of Dependents: Unless it’s a remote overseas tour, entitled to move dependents and personal property at government expense.

Survivor Benefits: Wife and children can remain in government housing for one year, or relocate to private residence and receive one year of Basic Allowance for Housing.

Death Gratuity: $100,000 tax free.

Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC): Flat rate monthly payment to compensate for cost of living increases.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats: 48 hour weekend retreats for couples, paid for by military.

“Join Your Spouse” Program: If both spouses are in the military, they will try to assign both to same base, or nearby bases.

Educational Scholarships, Loans, Grants: For both spouses and dependent children.

Servicemembers Opportunity College: Spouses and dependents can continue their education without losing credits when you change bases.

Montgomery GI Bill Test Program: A soldier can transfer 50% of their tuition assistance entitlement to their spouse.

Armed Forces Recreation Resorts: Luxury resorts operated by the military, and for military families in such places as: Virginia, Germany, Hawaii, Florida, Korea.

Military Discounts at: Hotels, resorts, airlines, theme parks, and many, many other places!