proxy marriage military benefitsProxy Marriage Military Benefits

Proxy marriage creates eligibility for military couples who enter into a marriage by proxy. These proxy marriage benefits cover not only the married couple (who are married by proxy), but also the children of the proxy marriage (including children from prior relationships, irrespective of whether or not they are adopted).

Such proxy marriage benefits include:

(*) TRICARE Health Insurance;

(*) TRICARE Dental coverage;

(*) $250-per-month allowance for a military father or mother who is separated from a dependent or dependents (a spouse and/or children) due to military orders;

(*) Increased BAH (Basic Housing Allowance) as well as larger and better housing options;

(*) Unemployment Compensation for trailing spouses (provided by various State governments);

(*) Married Couples Retreats (free);

(*) Air Travel (free; based on availability);

(*) Spousal access to the Exchange (department store);

(*) Spousal access to the Commissary;

(*) Survivor Benefits;

(*) Educational Grants and Scholarships for both spouses and children;

(*) Many more benefits, too numerous to list here, are provided by the U.S. Military; U.S. Federal Government; State Governments; local governments; and by corporations and private organizations, to those couples who obtain a proxy marriage as well as the children of the proxy marriage.

At MPPM, Military Pay Proxy Marriage, we’re eager to assist you in obtainining your proxy marriage benefits that will accrue, to you and your family, as soon as your proxy marriage is solemnized.