At MPPM, we are committed to exceptional customer service. It is our goal to provide you with excellent personalized attention. We’re here for you! Whether you have questions regarding your particular situation, or need assistance with filling out the required Proxy Marriage forms, we’re with you every step of the way. We endeavor to make the Proxy Marriage process as easy as possible for you. Our payment plans are designed with you in mind, and we will try and assist you in any way that we can in making your marriage dreams come true!

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All of our Montana Double Proxy Marriages include:

Exceptional customer service

All required legal work and processing

All marriage license and filing fees

Appearance of two proxies

The services of a non-denominational officiant who performs the ceremony

Review of all documents by a licensed and experienced attorney

2 Certified copies of your Marriage Certificate

Toll free telephone number support

E-mail customer service support

Our Guarantee (see below for details)

PayPal Buyer Assurance Program (see below for details)

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proxy marriage wedding bellsOur Guarantee: We guarantee that we will provide you with a legally valid proxy marriage. Your marriage will be legally recognized by all 50 states in the United States, all United States Territories, the United States Federal Government, and all branches of the United States Military. Your marriage will also be valid in all foreign countries that recognize United States marriages. Please note that consummation is required by USCIS, in the case of foreign citizens. Consummation may also be required by some countries. Iowa also requires further perfection.

proxy marriage wedding bellsBuyer Assurance Program: At MPPM, we process your payment through the PayPal Buyer Assurance Program. We ask that you pay us through PayPal by Credit Card, Debit Card, Electronic Check (E-Check), or from your own PayPal account. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay us with a Credit Card, Debit Card or E-Check. Through this unique program, your  privacy is protected, while providing a quick and easy way to pay us online, so that you do not have to send your payment through the mail, or fax us any forms.

proxy marriage wedding bellsPayPal doesn’t share your Credit/Debit Card/E-Check information with us:

You have peace of mind in knowing that PayPal’s Buyer Assurance Program functions such that they never give us your Credit Card, Debit Card, or E-Check information; only PayPal takes in that information (but they never give it to us). Your privacy is important to us, and this program keeps your personal account payment information private.

proxy marriage wedding bellsMarriage Certificate Guarantee:

If you don’t get your Marriage Certificates, due to our inability to perform, PayPal will give you 100% of your money back.