Affordable Proxy Marriage  for Couples Earning Military Pay

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Choose Your Payment Plan:

Only $195 gets you started today!

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Plan A: Three (3) Payments of $195

$195 down, plus 2 more payments of $195 each. Total Price: $585 

Plan B: Two (2) Payments of $290

$290 down, plus one more payment of $290. Total Price: $580

Plan C: One (1) Payment of $575

Our lowest-priced option is Option C, also known as the “Pay-All-at-Once Plan.” $575 is due at the time that you make your reservation for your proxy marriage date……Total Price: $575.       


PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have the full $575 today, then we highly recommend that you instead choose either Plan A or Plan B. Because proxy marriages are scheduled in advance, if you wait until you have the full $575 in hand before making your proxy marriage reservation, then you’ll have to wait longer to become married. Conversely, if you reserve a date today, by electing either Plan A or Plan B, then by the time that  you’re paid up, you’ll be very close (maybe even just a few days) away from becoming husband and wife (provided, of course, that you’ve previously submitted your completed documents in a timely manner). Start, today, on the road to marital bliss!

You may also elect: Our Special Expedited Service: Our standard service is already very fast, But if you need even faster service, we can, if you so desire, upgrade your file so that it is a batch by itself (i.e. a one-file batch). If you are approaching an important deadline, and would like to consider upgrading to this special service, please ask us about our Special Expedited Service.